Thursday, July 10 , 2014

The Secret to Spotless Crystal

Category: Home

We'd like to help you care for your crystal—the fancy tumblers and stemware and serving pieces you take out only for company and on special occasions. That ice bucket wedding gift, that beautiful vase that's heavy as heck...

To clean these irreplaceable treasures, fill a basin or sink with three parts hot water to one part white vinegar. Dip a nonabrasive sponge or cloth into the solution and gently clean the item...or dunk the whole piece into the mix, whatever's easiest. Once all the crystal is clean, rinse each piece with water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Your best bet in terms of lint-free is a linen towel or a cloth made of least 25% linen.

No-more-broken-glass tip: Crystal can be scary to clean because you don't want to drop it and chip, crack or break it.

Here's what to do: When you wash delicate crystal (or any glassware that's difficult to handle), line the sink with a very fluffy towel or a thick rubber mat in case a precarious piece slips out of your hands. Keep your basin of washing solution to the side, and gently wash and rinse the item over the towel or mat, which will protect your treasure even when wet. Now you can relax!

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