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Wednesday, March 18 , 2015

Yawn Away Wrinkles

Yawning is so contagious…and it can be embarrassing if done at the wrong place or the wrong time. But there's a way you can make it really good for you. Here's how…

Each time you yawn (or every other yawn when you are not surrounded by people), use the opportunity to tone your face and neck muscles. Inhale deeply as you yawn, and open your mouth as wide as it will go. As you exhale, stick out your tongue and roll your eyes upward. If you're alone—or around people with ear buds or who don't mind you making weird noises—make a loud roar like a lion. These are classic yoga moves that have been used for centuries to reduce neck and face wrinkles. They work!

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Monday, October 20 , 2014

Tea for Your Face

A yoga instructor once said to us, "Relax your face," which is a strange phrase and something that's easier said than done. The face harbors a lot of anxiety! Here's a steamy facial relaxant that also helps to unclog pores.

Boil two cups of water in a pot, then add two chamomile tea bags. Cover the pot, and let the tea bags steep for seven to 10 minutes. Put a towel over your head, and hold your face about 12 inches above the uncovered, steaming tea. Stay that way for about seven minutes. Then rinse your face with cool water and pat dry.

Bonus:  Chamomile has properties that help unclog pores, making them look smaller and your complexion look better.

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Friday, October 03 , 2014

Homemade Skin Smoother

If you eat oatmeal for breakfast, have we got a feel-good facial for you! Make extra oatmeal and separate some out. Then add a bit of vegetable, olive or sesame oil—enough to make it spreadable—and massage it onto your face and neck. Leave this on for a half hour, then wash it off with tepid water. Oatmeal works as a gentle exfoliant without harsh chemicals. If you want to be wrinkle-proof, repeat the process daily.

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Monday, September 22 , 2014

Nature’s Fountain of Youth

We love natural treatments for the face. It gets the most exposure, so it should get the purest care! Here's a face mask made with something from one of nature's favorite creatures...

We're talking about raw honey. To prepare for this treatment, pin your hair out of the way and wash your face and neck with warm water. Next, with your fingers, spread a thin layer of raw honey on your face and neck. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse with tepid water and pat dry.

Raw honey can do wonders for the skin—everything from clearing up blemishes and holding in moisture to restoring weather-beaten skin and smoothing away wrinkles.

Note: Try to apply the mask after you've taken a bath or shower or after you've gently steamed your face, so that the pores are open.

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Thursday, August 28 , 2014

Fruity Face Mask

Are you looking for a natural way to softer, wrinkle-free skin? Go to your fruit bowl for an easy treatment.

To reduce the tendency to wrinkle, mash a ripe banana and add a few drops of peanut oil. Apply the mask to your face and neck (upward and outward), and leave it on for at least a half-hour. Wash it off with tepid water. If you do this daily—or every other day—it should make your skin softer and less likely to wrinkle.

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Tuesday, April 22 , 2014

Milk Face Mask: French Secret for Getting Rid of Wrinkles

This is the secret formula for wrinkle-free skin from a French beauty we know. (She never seems to age!) French women are the envy of women worldwide when it comes to beautiful skin!

Combine and bring to a boil one cup of whole milk, two teaspoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of brandy. Remove from heat. While the mixture is still warm (not hot!), paint it on your face and neck with a pastry brush. (Yes, you will feel like a delectable pastry.) When it is thoroughly dry, wash off the residue with warm water and pat dry with a freshly laundered towel. Do this three times a week for beautiful skin and fewer wrinkles.

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Wednesday, October 23 , 2013

Homemade Eye-Wrinkle Eraser

Some wrinkles bring character and wisdom to our faces, some…well... If you don't love those wrinkles that can look like whiskers around your eyes, and you don't want to splurge on plastic surgery, here's what to do: With your fingertips, apply two or three drops of castor oil on the delicate area around the eyes to reduce eye wrinkles. Do this every night just before you go to bed, and remove any residue in the morning with your usual face wash. You should see fewer lines in about a month or so (after which you can oil up just a few nights a week). Castor oil is a natural emollient that will make your skin soft and supple.

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Friday, May 24 , 2013

Supercharge Your Iron

Even with all these wrinkle-free clothes available, you still have to drag out the iron once in awhile to keep your outfits smooth. Here are a few tips to make your ironing easier…

Place one sheet of aluminum foil—shiny side up—between the ironing board and the fabric ironing board cover. The foil will reflect the heat from the iron, so your ironing will get done faster and better. Or lightly spray your clothing with warm water (rather than cold)—this will help the iron's heat penetrate the clothes quicker and work out those problem wrinkles.

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