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Wednesday, March 18 , 2015

Yawn Away Wrinkles

Yawning is so contagious…and it can be embarrassing if done at the wrong place or the wrong time. But there's a way you can make it really good for you. Here's how…

Each time you yawn (or every other yawn when you are not surrounded by people), use the opportunity to tone your face and neck muscles. Inhale deeply as you yawn, and open your mouth as wide as it will go. As you exhale, stick out your tongue and roll your eyes upward. If you're alone—or around people with ear buds or who don't mind you making weird noises—make a loud roar like a lion. These are classic yoga moves that have been used for centuries to reduce neck and face wrinkles. They work!

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Monday, April 07 , 2014

Get Bach in Shape!

Do you need to get up and get moving, but the thought of exercise makes you groan? How about leading a band or an orchestra?! It's great exercise for the heart...really fun...and easy to do.

Orchestra conductors live seven-and-a-half years longer than the average person, according to recent research. It's no wonder. Enjoying music makes your body produce all kinds of live-long chemicals...and conducting is a real workout that helps strengthen the heart muscle and tone the circulatory system.

So go buy a baton at a music shop—yes, we really mean that. Or a pencil or a chopstick will do if you want to try this right now. Select music that inspires you to lead. Tap your music stand (or the back of a chair), and you're ready to begin. You may need to start slowly and work your way up to 10 minutes a day, or 20 minutes three times a week. Don't be shy about really moving—the musicians need you! (Do check with your doctor first if you have been sedentary or had heart problems in the past.) It's strenuous exercise...but lots of fun!

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Friday, August 23 , 2013

Vodka Facial Tonic

If you’re traveling and you want to perk up your face (and yourself), check to see if your hotel room has a minibar. If so, you may have an instant face bracer at your fingertips—it’s that cute little bottle of vodka in there. Wait a minute—we’re talking topical treatment here! If you don’t mind spending the bucks, open the bottle and splash the vodka on your face right after cleansing (women) or shaving (men). Vodka is a refreshing, odorless face toner/aftershave that helps tighten pores and even skin tone. It also can provide the jolt you need when jet lag and strange places throw off your sleep pattern.

If you’re at home and run out of face toner, you could, of course, use vodka—but perhaps you’d rather save that for cocktail hour. Instead, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and witch hazel (both available at supermarkets and health-food stores). The concoction should do wonderful things for your complexion, and you may not want to go back to using a commercial toner/aftershave product.

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