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Thursday, March 19 , 2015

Stop Toilet Overflow in Seconds

Have you ever pushed your luck and flushed too many times to try to undo an obvious clog in the old commode? Here's what to do to prevent an inevitable overflow.

If, after you flush, the water is rising dangerously high, quickly turn on the cold water in the sink as well as in the bathtub or shower.

The cold water coming through the pipes will cause a vacuum that will suction the water in the toilet down the drain.

Commit this tip to memory. It's a great thing to know, especially when you go to somebody else's home…except they might think that you're making yourself a little too much at home when they hear the shower running.

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Friday, November 07 , 2014

Nontoxic Toilet Cleaners

Stains on your toilet interior can come from mineral deposits, bacteria or organisms in your water (yuck!). Wherever they come from, they are not a pretty sight! Here are three ways to get a stain-free toilet without a harsh bleach treatment.

Toss a few Alka-Seltzer or denture-cleansing tablets into the toilet bowl. Once the fizzing stops, scrub the stains with a brush and flush.

If you have some Kool-Aid fruit juice powder (or Crystal Light...or Tang—any drink mix that contains citric acid), sprinkle one-third cup of the powder in the bowl. Leave it there for a few hours, then scrub with a brush and flush.

If the stains are too tough for even Tang or denture cleanser, empty a few vitamin C capsules, or mash vitamin C tablets into a powder and drop it in the bowl. Let it stay that way for a few hours. Then scrub with a brush and flush.

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Friday, December 06 , 2013

Fizzy Fix for Slow Toilets

Is your toilet being sluggish and a few good plunges aren't helping? Don't call the plumber yet or purchase any expensive, harsh chemicals that will hurt your pipes. Here's what you do: For a toilet that's slow but not completely stopped up, pour one cup of white vinegar and one-half cup of baking soda in the toilet and swish it around until it fizzes quite dramatically. Give a few more plunges, and flush the toilet. The strong reaction between the vinegar and baking soda should clear the way. 

If you do not have a plunger, skip the baking soda/vinegar mixture, and squirt about four tablespoons of hand-dishwashing detergent into the semi-backed-up bowl. Flush. If it looks like an overflow is about to happen, quickly turn on the cold water in the sink and the shower (or tub—whatever is in your bathroom) to detour the water. The overflow shouldn't happen because the detergent will clear the way. If it doesn't, you need to call a plumber (sorry).

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