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Tuesday, March 10 , 2015

Don’t Plant Your Garden Wrong

Depending on what climate you live in, you might be getting ready to sow some seeds or plant some seedlings! Here's the word on what to put where, based on how much sun you get.

If a section of your garden is bathed in sunlight, consider growing corn, melons, peppers and/or tomatoes. They thrive in the sun.

If a section of your garden doesn’t get much sun, consider growing lettuce, pumpkins and/or spinach, which all thrive in the shade.

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Friday, March 16 , 2012

A Touch of Green for Shady Places

You can grow healthy plants in a room without sunlight streaming in the windows—and even without a window—as long as you have the right types of plants. Pothos, ferns, peace lilies and prayer plants do not require a sunbath to be hale and hardy. Just be sure to keep them watered properly or placed in a shady and humid area such as the bathroom.