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Tuesday, March 10 , 2015

Don’t Plant Your Garden Wrong

Depending on what climate you live in, you might be getting ready to sow some seeds or plant some seedlings! Here's the word on what to put where, based on how much sun you get.

If a section of your garden is bathed in sunlight, consider growing corn, melons, peppers and/or tomatoes. They thrive in the sun.

If a section of your garden doesn’t get much sun, consider growing lettuce, pumpkins and/or spinach, which all thrive in the shade.

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Tuesday, December 10 , 2013

Mood-Boosting Food Combinations

One of the best ways that food works as medicine is as an antidepressant. We mean healthy, heart-warming (OK, sometimes slightly decadent) comfort-food combos that make you feel glad to be alive! Indulge in these, and you'll turn less often to the junk.

Here are some of our favorite food combos...

Salmon and spinach: This not only tastes great, but the omega-3s in the salmon and the magnesium in the spinach actually promote sleep. You'll feel great after eating these two foods together, and you will enjoy blissful ZZZZs.

Mango and lime: Want something sweet but don't feel like a fake sugar product? Mangoes contain vitamin B6, which helps produce serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to slice. The easiest way is to lay it flat and slice it lengthwise along the pit. Then cut the flesh to look like a checkerboard, still intact to the skin. There's a bunch of step-by-step instructions online, such as http://homecooking.about.com/od/howtocookbasics/ss/cutmango.htm. After you cut your mango section into cubes, squeeze a bit of fresh lime juice on it. It's an easy, inexpensive way to make yourself feel good (and delicious enough for guests).

Now for a food combo that's completely indulgent—but still a better choice than processed junk food...

Fried chicken and coffee: This is a favorite of truck drivers who need to keep the blues at bay while driving hundreds of miles a day. If you ever come to a rest stop and there's a decent coffee vendor and a fried chicken restaurant, give it a try. It's a tasty combo that lives up to the phrase “ comfort food.”

What's your favorite comfort-food combo? We'd love to know!

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Monday, July 08 , 2013

Quick, Healthy Tonic to Lift Your Spirits

If you're feeling a little down and you have a juicer, whip up half a glass of watercress (about one cup) with half a glass of fresh spinach. Throw in two small fresh carrots to sweeten the mix. Then, bottoms up and spirits up! The phytonutrients in this tonic can really give you a lift.

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