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Wednesday, March 18 , 2015

No-Slip Purse Trick

It's so annoying to carry a purse with a strap that keeps slipping off your shoulder. Don't put up with this hassle! Do this instead…

Sew a big button on your jacket or coat on the side where you usually carry your bag. Test to see what part of your shoulder is most comfortable for the strap and position the button accordingly. It'll work as a hook to keep the slippery strap in place.

Try to find a button that matches the color of your jacket so that it will blend in…or no—you could use a glamorous button that blares out your individual style.

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Thursday, January 22 , 2015

Renew Your Leather Purse

If your leather jacket, boots, handbag or luggage (time for warm-weather travel!) looks dingy from winter weather or storage, here's a way to make it shine…

Separate two eggs, saving the yolks for a delicious pudding. Dip a clean, dry cloth into the egg whites and lightly coat your leather surface. Let the egg sit for three minutes, then wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth. Then buff immediately with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use this egg wash on your leather upholstery. It'll smile back at you!

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Monday, September 29 , 2014

Purse-Saving Tip

What's more annoying than digging around in your bag for a pen that you know is there but you just can't grab? Then discovering a big ink stain (and your now-inky fingers!) because the stupid half-hidden pen leaked. Ugh! Here's how to stop this from happening...

Instead of having pens or pencils floating around loose inside your purse or man bag, put them in a plastic toothbrush holder...the cylindrical kind that closes tightly.

The holder is easy to find in a crowded bag, and it will also prevent a pen from accidentally losing its cap and making marks inside the bag's lining. (If you already carry a toothbrush in a holder in your purse, be sure to label the containers accordingly, or remember which color is your toothbrush and which color contains your pens.)

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Tuesday, January 14 , 2014

Free Up Space in Your Closet

Your closet rod will not accept one more hanger. Throwing your tops and sweaters around the bedroom is not an option. The solution is to go vertical. Here’s what you do...

Place a shower-curtain ring on the neck of a hanger, and then hang another hanger on it. Shower-curtain hooks also work well for hanging accessories. Slip them on the closet rod, and use them to hang purses, belts or ties...or tote bags filled with stuff that would otherwise be floating around your closet (like flip-flops from last summer). Time to go clothes shopping!

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