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Monday, October 27 , 2014

Money-Saving Perfume Tricks

You love that scent your partner gave you, but it's a tad too strong. Here's what to do...

You can tone down a too-strong perfume or cologne by adding some vodka. Apply your perfume as usual to your pulse points (wrists, back of knees, behind the ears, etc.), and then just dab a little bit of vodka at a time to the perfumed spots until the fragrance is as mild as you want it to be.

Also, if you want to keep your beautiful scent throughout the day, here's something that will give your perfume staying power. Put a very light layer of petroleum jelly on your pulse points, and then apply your perfume or cologne over it.

The stickiness of the jelly will attract fragrance molecules and lock them in. Just be sure you want the scent with you around the clock till the next time you shower.

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Monday, April 30 , 2012

The Shelf Life of Fragrance

The shelf life of fragrance is about 12 to 14 months…and the shelf life of cologne is only 6 months. So don’t save your scents for special occasions. Make every day a special occasion by indulging yourself.