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Wednesday, March 04 , 2015

Instant Fatigue Fighter

We hear it all the time. People are constantly tired. They lack energy. They have no get-up-and-go. For the most part, their days start early in the morning and end late at night, with all kinds of obligations and tension in between.

If you fit the above description, it may be time to rethink your life and make some changes. While you're contemplating ways to be kinder to yourself, here's an instant fatigue fighter to help you get through the afternoon.

Energy lines directly connected to internal organs and body functions run through your earlobes. To activate this acupressure fix, use your thumbs and index fingers to rub your earlobes for about 15 seconds. It should wake up your entire nervous system.

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Monday, February 09 , 2015

Give Your Cough the Finger

You are in the middle of a crowded room and a coughing jag hits. The usual helpers—throat lozenges, water or tea—are far from sight. Time to use some handy acupressure! Here's what to do…

An acupressure point that has been known to stop a cough is the one near the end of the middle finger. With the fingers of your right hand, squeeze the top joint of the left hand's middle finger. Keep squeezing until you stop wheezing. This usually works right away, so you shouldn't need to switch hands. Then take a deep breath and relax.

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Thursday, January 29 , 2015

Hands-On Headache Cure

Next time your head starts to ache, instead of popping a pain pill, grab a friend and try this…

Ask your friend to slowly move one thumb down the right side of your back, heading from your shoulder blade toward your waist and stopping to exert gentle but steady pressure for one minute on any tender spots. If you have a minor tension headache, you should feel it dissipate. Human touch is a great healer!

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Wednesday, November 19 , 2014

Tap Away Stress

Acupressure is great—it's free and completely portable! Aside from helping to heal pain, it's a good way to help you refocus and de-stress. Here's what to do if you need to relax...

Soothe your tension by stimulating the acupressure point called Yingtan, which is one-quarter inch above the midpoint of your eyebrows. Once you've located it, use your middle finger to tap on it lightly for 10 seconds. Breathe deeply, and think happy thoughts. Hey, just by stopping you'll feel better. (And all kidding aside—it works!)

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Wednesday, October 08 , 2014

2 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

Dogs that jump up and put their front paws on people crave attention. They will continue jumping as long as their owners react—whether the response is good or bad. Not great when company is about to arrive! Here's what to do...

If your pet acts up—barks, runs around wildly, jumps up on your guests—when company comes, circumvent that behavior by calming the dog right before your guests are due to arrive.

Acupressure will get your pet into a relaxed state—just press the tips of both of his ears between your thumbs and index fingers, then gently pulse the spots for 45 seconds and speak calmly, reminding the dog that it's time to be on best behavior.

For the long term: To get your dog completely out of the habit of leaping on people, whenever the dog does it (to you or someone else), simply walk away without making eye contact or saying a word. Later, when the dog is calm, start to teach it to sit when you cross your arms across your chest. Many dogs tune out verbal commands when they get excited, but most still notice body language. To teach your dog to respond to a crossed-arm sit command, start by combining the verbal “sit” command with crossed arms. Provide treats when the dog responds. Then eliminate the verbal command and use the crossed-arm signal alone, still rewarding with treats.

Once your dog masters the crossed-arm sit command, instruct houseguests to use it, too. Otherwise they might accidentally give the dog attention when it jumps up, undermining the training.

Thanks to professional dog trainer Victoria Schade, author of Bonding with Your Dog: A Trainer’s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship, for help with this tip.

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Thursday, October 02 , 2014

Mr. Spock Headache Fix

You are out in the middle of nowhere (far away from your medicine cabinet), and your head begins to throb. Here's some headache relief that you always have with you.

The following acupoints help relieve a tension headache or migraine.

Location: Underneath the base of your skull to either side of your spine, about three to four inches apart, depending on the size of your head.

What to do: Using your fingers, thumbs or knuckles, press the points under the base of your skull. At the same time, slowly tilt your head back so that the angle of your head relaxes your neck muscles. Press forward (toward your throat), upward (underneath the base of your skull) and slightly inward, angling the pressure toward the center of your brain. Continue to apply pressure for two minutes, breathing slowly and deeply.

Also good for: Neck pain, insomnia, high blood pressure.

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Thursday, May 08 , 2014

Squeeze Away Your Toothache

Natural remedies can help ease the pain of a toothache. But it is difficult to know what is causing a toothache, so make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, try this to relieve the pain…

Acupressure often works like magic to temporarily abate the pain of a toothache. If the pain is on the right side of your mouth, squeeze the index finger of your right hand on each side of the fingernail. As you're squeezing your finger, rotate it clockwise a few times, giving that index finger a rapid little massage. Do this until the throbbing in your mouth subsides a bit. If the tooth pain is on the left side of your mouth, do the squeezing trick to your left index finger.

And remember—get to a dentist because toothaches can signal a serious infection.

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Thursday, March 06 , 2014

Ankle Trick Relieves Stress

We all go through periods of feeling stressed and blue. Work pressures, financial pressures, relationship pressures…it's enough to make a person explode! Here's an ancient way to relieve the stress...

You can “acupressure away” the pressure of the day by getting a firm grip on your ankle. Using your thumb and third finger, place your thumb just below the inside of your right anklebone, and the other finger on the indentation directly below your outer anklebone. Keep steady pressure on the spot as you count down from 60 to one slowly, breathing slowly as you count. You can switch to your left ankle and repeat the process, but you may not have to. You should feel yourself calming down in a matter of minutes.

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Friday, November 08 , 2013

"Hand-y" Trick to Reduce Stress

Here's a little acupressure trick you can use on yourself to relieve life's pressures. For at least five minutes a day, massage the webbed area between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Really get in there and knead it. It may hurt—but you'll be rewarded if you tough it out. Gradually the pain will decrease, and so should the tightness in your chest and shoulders. Eventually, you should have no pain at all when you rub, and you may notice a difference in your general relaxed state of well-being.

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Monday, October 21 , 2013

Acupressure: A Pill-Free Cure for Insomnia

YAWN! Not getting enough sleep is exhausting. Most people have trouble sleeping every once in awhile. If you just can't catch those Zs and you hate the groggy morning-after feeling you get from sleeping pills, try this acupressure trick. Just before you go to bed, press the center of the bottoms of your heels with your thumbs. The easiest way to do this is to lie on your back (on a carpeted floor is best) and bend your knees, using your right hand on your left foot and left hand on your right. Press as hard as you can without cramping your hands. Keep pressing for at least two minutes—up to four minutes is even better. You should feel yourself starting to really relax, with tension leaving your body. Ease into bed for blissful zzzzzzzs.

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Thursday, October 17 , 2013

Silence Embarrassing Stomach Noises

Does your tummy rumble at the wrong times? The best way to stop your stomach from gurgling at that midmorning meeting (or anytime) is to eat a small banana and drink a glass a water right before showtime. If you forgot your banana, here's what to do: Put a little acupressure action to work. With your thumb, draw tiny circles, massaging the area halfway between your breast bone and navel. Do it for about 15 seconds. The spot that you are stimulating is a direct link to the brain's appetite control center (the hypothalamus). It should give you a temporary full feeling and stop the rumbling until you can get some food.

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Thursday, August 22 , 2013

Bite Your Tongue to Cure Your Headache

Are your temples throbbing with unexplained pain? You might want to try some acupressure to get rid of that headache. Stick your tongue out about one-half inch, and bite down on it as hard as you can without hurting yourself. Soon (a few minutes or so), you’ll feel the pain dissipate from your head. Release your tongue from its teeth clamp, and take a deep breath. Your headache should be history.

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Thursday, June 06 , 2013

Motion Sickness Remedy from Acupressure

The ancient healing art of acupressure—which uses no needles—can quell the queasy feelings of motion sickness. And you can do it on yourself. When you first start to feel that icky sensation coming on, start briskly massaging the ring finger and pinkie of each hand, alternating hands every three minutes and paying particular attention to the area around the pinkie's middle knuckle. You should feel relief within 15 minutes.

Most people think that motion sickness starts in the stomach. Not true! It’s the jarring of the semicircular canals in the ears—part of your balance system—that leads to those awful symptoms. The pressure points in your fingers can ameliorate the queasy feelings from imbalance.

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