Monday, March 23 , 2015

Disinfect Without the Bleach

Category: Home

Do you really want your bathroom to smell like a hospital…especially when your guests are just about to arrive? Here's what to do…

If you want to avoid the harsh smell of bleach, you can clean and disinfect your toilet by using this simple formula. In a spray bottle, add one-half cup of distilled white vinegar, one-half cup of plain water and 15 drops of tea tree oil (available at health-food stores). Shake the bottle, then spray both sides of the toilet seat, under the rim, around the bowl, etc. Wipe the seat dry with a clean cloth and brush and flush the inside bowl. The slight vinegar smell will disappear, leaving the unusual, fresh scent of tea tree oil.

And, by the way…always put the lid down before you flush. When you flush without closing the toilet seat lid, a polluted plume of water vapor and bacteria can spew out of the flushing toilet bowl. The polluted water particles waft around the bathroom and eventually land. If there are toothbrushes out in a nearby cup or holder, they may be a landing strip for some of those particles. Yuck!

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